Friday, May 08, 2009


Here I am back again with another post. I have been thinking to write a post for past two days but somehow I dint. But this is not the topic on which I wished to write. Sounds funny isn't. People write posts when they want to write about something. I write posts because I wished to write something rather than writing about something.. sounds crazy to me too...

Having become a house wife/home maker [what ever it may be called .. for me it seems like a vacation after many years he he he he] suddenly I really dint know what to do to kill time. I had been busy all through out the time in my life and this seems a new world. Now "how do you keep yourself occupied" is the most common question I am posted with. Thought I better review myself and get an answer to this..

What I do:

1. Of course do house hold chores...[cooking, laundry, cleaning....]

2. Mostly I do chatting with someone whom I find

3. watch movies [in you tube.. thanks to them else I would have been mad by now!]

4. TV shows online. [ I am constantly following airtel super singer by vijay Tv]

5. Orkut 24/7

6. Read articles..[both online and books from the small library maintained by my hubby]

7. Most important Video chat with my parents and in-laws....

Now what we have got here.. It seems most of them circle around a simple box. Its none other than the "PC/ Laptop". I cant imagine a day when this small box fails to open....

Computer and Internet had been the least priority of my life..[PS: for those who do not know me.. I was an software engineer all through out my career .. not a long one just 3 years] I hate to sit before PC/internet when I am off from my work environment. Even as a blogger I never spent much time with computers..

But now it is my life.

Thanks to Internet. Never in my life have I felt too close to Web World. My dad makes fun of me for being in Internet all through out the day. Even I fell bad some times for being idle before this box. But I really don't know how to keep me occupied.

I like reading.. That could be the next option I have.. Even I have tried them..

But my motive behind writing this blog was not to say I feel bad for what I am doing now. I am happy for having been introduced to this web world. I learnt many new things which I haven't even given a thought about. Last year if someone would have told me to just browse something I would have told them to go to hell.

Even for technical needs I was not using much of internet. When it becomes mandatory to surf I just call my friend [who is crazy about surfing] about the topic I require information. He just turns to me with necessary list of links from which I narrow down to what I want. Sounds like outsourcing isn't it?? Cool I did them all through out. I never have seen any video in you tube nor used twitter. The only thing worth to mention was I used to hear online songs..

It is turn of events now!

Everything new would fascinate oneself. But I wont rate this as a fascination. I feel this web world is also good. It just our utilization and handling methods would reflect the effect of it on us. This is true for everything. The world has nothing good or bad. Its just our exposure and our attitude and perception about them makes it bad or good.

The video chat with my family has really helped me a lot. Never had I felt I am very far away from my home land at different time zones. Without this I would have gone crazy.

So now that doesn't mean web world is purely full of advantageous. There are also few pranks in the form of mails or offline messages I get. All what I wanted to say was anything should be used to improve oneself towards success and not to affect others feelings!..

Now stop.. where I am leading to.. I dint intend to write anything to teach or to preach.. This was supposed to be a post to review myself...

All what I was able to infer was... hate and love are fictitious. The thing in which I had the most feeling of hatred has become my only companion and eyes to the outside world. I better start seeing things with impartial and open mind to get the best of it.

Most of my posts are for light reading.. I don't think I can count this to that herd!!! New aspirations.. I hope its a good start!


Saraswathi said...

Very nice reading about how your thoughts about internet have changed. I have always been addicted to the internet. I think I am taking a reverse position now. I want to take a break from internet and explore the outside world and make friends :)

♠ யெஸ்.பாலபாரதி ♠ said...

வெல்கம் பேக்!
அவ்வப்போது தமிழிலும் எழுதவும்! இல்லாங்காட்டி மரந்து போயிடுவீங்க! :))

Anonymous said...

"Even for technical needs I was not using much of internet. When it becomes mandatory to surf I just call my friend [who is crazy about surfing] about the topic I require information. He..."