Monday, March 09, 2009

Most memorable Gift ever

Its always a great feeling when a song is dedicated for you by your loved one...

My hubby presented me the most precious and beautiful gift I can ever get in my life. I never knew there is an underlying poet in him till date. Was spell bound by his poem for me. It is such small things and events in life which takes you off board and makes you spellbound.

The poem was plain and simple yet wonderful. Sometimes simple things look beautiful.

I strongly felt I should post it in my blog. Here it goes........

Going on life's journey with you on my side
It has been a beautiful ride

You laughter and wonderful smile
And a heart that knows no guile

Has filled my world with a thousand lights
Accompanied with many sleepless nights!

Let us share our joys and sorrow
Learn together for a better tomorrow

The love that binds us now
May it last till people wonder how!

Thank you dear for such a nice gift. This had add beauty to my blog spot!

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