Monday, March 09, 2009

Treasure I found to cherish for my entire life

Its an year since I had updated my Blog!!

Last year many things had happened in my life that I really dint get any solid time for updates.

This is my first blog in my new life. I never knew marriage in one's life can really bring in so many changes; that you feel, you are newly born.

It had been a whole month since my marriage and I cant believe I am here in United States with my husband and managing a family.

This is my first visit outside India and the entire journey was brainstorming exercise for me. New places, people, language, attitude, life style..... My hubby was almost explaining me each and every bit. He is a good tutor.

Our trip to US was the start of our new life and togetherness. I wont rate this trip more than 5 for 10 as we had lot of conflicts, opinions clashes even at the start of the journey.

Like all the couples flying abroad [newly wed; with Lady flying first time to US] we were also over packed. To our dismay the lady at the counter was stubborn enough not to allow our overloaded hand baggage. We had had all the important and necessary stuffs in it which we kept on the safe grounds just in case we loose our baggage or get some delay in receiving the same [our hand luggage suitcase was in itself 2kg. Note: our allowed limit was 9 kg].

We did a couple of shuffling from hand to check-in luggage to adjust things. This was what most of them were doing over there. A sign of relief! :) [Human mentality -- happy that you are not the only person to commit mistakes Ha Ha Ha ]

Before I could realize what was happening and warn my husband, all our check-in baggage was gone. With just my hand bag, his shoulder bag, and 2 hand luggage which was over loaded we dint really know what to do with the extra stuffs we had. The lady at the counter just refused to give our boarding pass asking us to reduce our baggage weight.

Experiencing for the first time, I really wanted to shout at her saying "what we do now... do you want us to just throw the stuffs here". Frankly it was not her fault and she was doing her duty. Most of us do know our allowed baggage limit and still I was not sure why we carry more. I felt bad why my husband had not anticipated this when he had traveled many times before.

Luckily, my parents who had come to see me off had their early morning flight to chennai and was there at the terminal. So we quickly gave off most of the stuffs to them and collected our boarding pass.

What I was able to notice was, this was a common event happening for all those who travel. They move in with over sized baggage and if everything is well they could go through else they even pay off the people across the counter to get things done. This thought should definitely change.

Till the completion of our security screening I was not in a shape to even talk to my counterpart freely. I felt it was a bad start for such a great trip [ I meant our life journey too]. But "Mistakes are kick start for learning". Thanks to both of us; we were back to normal soon.

We were bound to Lufthansa flight from Hyderabad to Frankfurt. We boarded the flight around 2.30am. We had few problems in locating space for our hand luggage but rest of the journey was at peace. All I knew in the flight was I slept well which I thought I would never do. The only displeasing event in this journey was when a hostess simply refused to get water for an old lady just because of a stupid reason that the lady had made 2 separate request forcing the hostess to walk twice from her seat to attend the old lady. I also understand that a hostess job was not as easy as we think but being rude at an old lady was not the proper way to out burst her stress. Without hearing her[hostess] part of the story I should not comment on the situation but I did not wish to wade it off my mind without even a mention of the incident.

At be continued!

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